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Friends of Apereo Membership

Calling all open source advocates serving education:
Apereo needs your financial support, but just as importantly, we need your insights, ideas, and inspiration too!

Thank you for joining Friends of Apereo. Your contribution highlights your commitment to advancing open source in higher education and will support the important work of the Apereo Foundation.

Friends of Apereo at FOSSY'23

Friends of Apereo members represent a broad community of open source advocates and adopters--from developers to deans--across educational and research institutions, within corporations, and in government.

Whether you’re involved in an open source software project, supporting faculty in developing open educational resources, guiding researchers in open science, or advising campus leadership in "open" practices, your membership will be instrumental in shaping the future of education and the success of Apereo and our projects.

While Friends of Apereo provides critical dollars to support the Foundation and its projects, membership is more than a funding campaign. Friends of Apereo is a conduit for collaboration where projects, programs, and people exchange ideas, address issues, and find inspiration. Your interests and ideas will help inform peers, shared communities of practice, and institutions of higher education as they discover and discuss emerging trends impacting open source, edtech, and academia: open AI, digital transformation, cybersecurity, and open source sustainability, to name a few. 

Apereo's work has touched countless learners, teachers, and researchers worldwide, helping extend access to learning opportunities, promote equity across student populations, and foster communities of openness.

Thank you for becoming a Friend of Apereo.

Patrick Masson
Executive Director, Apereo Foundation

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